Geordie lad makes good in Canada

All Music is Wrote

All music and lyrics  are wrote and  produced
by Steve Gibson,
Lead Guitar and vocals also by
Steve. Also Steve  has been Nominated for five SCMA Awards




Steve's Nominations

About Us

My name is Steven James Gibson, I was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England and I am Twenty six 
years old.

I began playing guitar at the age of six and by the age of fifteen had achieved a distinction in
Grade 7 Classical Guitar with Trinity Collage, London, England.

Around that time I began writing music and was accepted into Newcastle Upon Tyne College for
Music and Performing Arts I passed my first year with honors. During this time I formed my first
band The Travellers and began recording a few of my songs, but I had to abandon both my
studies and my band when I emigrated with my family three years ago.

I have always been passionate about my style of lead guitar playing, which has been highly
influenced by Mark Knopflor of Dire Straits, whom my father knew personally when they were

Since moving I have listened more to Country Music and have been swayed more to
a Country style of song writing, it is very popular and the songs have a lot of meaning and a
story behind them, as do mine, I want people to hear my story by recording   songs,
promoting them on radio and live performances.

I have played a lot of live shows and venues including the main stage - Craven Country
Jamboree, Casino Regina Show Lounge, as well as many bars and festivals, which I have had
a lot of positive feed back from people who have seen my shows .

My music is my life, not a minute passes when I am not thinking of new ideas for songs, shows
and performances, I eat, sleep and breathe it.

Willd Bill's in Banf